Friday, July 26, 2013

To my detested, and in full sarcasm ‘beloved’ parents,
            You once told me to never lose my temper because it leads to dangerous actions.  Well, I must ruefully admit I have lost my temper, and for the life of me I can’t get it back.  Perhaps you know where it is?  After all, you were there the night it ran away from me; the same night my sister left me; or do you not remember starting that fire?  Perhaps you remember the way she screamed, only stopping because she chocked on the thick smoke; or the smell of her burnt perfect brown curls? As it may be you don’t, but I do. I saw you take her soul, little by little with fear until you just ended it.  You called yourself our parents, yet you were the monsters she feared when she went to bed, not the ones in the closet. I held her and whistled for her as she trembled in her covers of what you would do next.  People like you don’t deserve to live.  So I will take from your kind what you took from me.
Now now don’t fret, I am not one of those mindless psychopathic killers, in fact I’m not even a murder, but mark my words I will make you feel such agonizing pain that you will gratefully take your own life. If you don’t believe me by all means keep reading and you will see just what I am capable of.  No need to watch your back you will hear my song when I am coming for you, for I am The Whistler and I don’t take lives, I take souls.

-Your resentful son,
The Whistler

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